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Symfony 3 should I upgrade or stay with Symfony 2

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Everyone is excited about Symfony 3, including myself 🙂

Symfony 3 or Symfony 2?

Symfony 2.8 is exactly same as Symfony 3. But wait, then what’s the difference?

Symfony 3 mostly have new directory structure for logs, cache and console. Also all the previous deprecated functions are removed.

Should I upgrade then, if its same?

No!!!, Even tho it is exactly same, but knowing all the deprecated functions are removed on Symfony 3, you should ask yourself.

Are you going to be using third party bundles?

and thous bundles are update-to-date with Symfony 3. Most likely you will get the answer no.

having third party bundles on Symfony 3 will break your application, If it was using any of the deprecated function.

Soon we can upgrade when everyone upgrades their bundles.

Updated – Wed 17 Feb

You can also check your vendor packages, if they are using any old deprecated functions, check following link for more details – http://symfony.com/blog/paving-the-way-for-symfony-3-with-the-deprecation-detector-tool

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