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Logo Design Trends Report 2007

There are many different kinds of stunning logos. Some are
aesthetic, some conceptual, and some cultural. It is also becoming
disturbingly clear that logo design has become a public sport. As the
public controls their own media more and more-Tivo-ing this, blogging
that, YouTube-ing and Googling everything else-people are no longer
satisfied to simply consume what is placed before them: They have
opinions they want to share. So when a large corporation reveals its
new identity, there are hundreds of internet sites flinging their
opinions back at it. Even when the village board of Remote votes on a
new logo for its two police cars, citizens take to the streets waving
pitchforks and copies of their own designs. Committeecide seems to be

The full 2007 logo design trends report
follows. Whether we are noting social, conceptual or aesthetic trends,
remember that none of them exist in a vacuum or in a single moment in
time. They are results of many trends before them and are developing
taproots as we speak.

2007 Logo Trends

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